2-27-2018 Frequent Flyer


  • Mar 3 Board of Directors meeting- 9:30 AM – John Lubon
  • Apr 7 Board of Directors meeting- 9:30 AM – John Lubon
  • Apr 11 Annual Meeting of SSD dba CCSC & Election – John Lubon
  • Apr 14 Spring Cleanup at CCSC – Keith Kilpatrick
  • Apr 15 Spring Cleanup at CCSC – Keith Kilpatrick
  • Apr 21 Cincinnati Chapter of Ferrari Club of America Event – Maury Drummey
  • Apr 21 Pot Luck Dinner Apr 21 Pot Luck Dinner
  • May 19 WPAFB Airmen Recreation Program event at CCSC – Kevin Price
  • May 20-31 1-26 Championship Contest – Steve Statkus
  • Jun 9 WPAFB Airmen Recreation Program event at CCSC – Kevin Price
  • Jun 16 Cincinnati Chapter of Ferrari Club of America Event – Maury Drummey
  • Jun 16 Pot Luck Dinner Jun 16 Pot Luck Dinner
  • Jul 15-20 YEW 2018 – Steve McManus
  • Aug 3 WPAFB Airmen Recreation Program event at CCSC – Kevin Price
  • August Adult Camp
  • August Sailplane Weight & Balance Party – Chuck Lohre
  • Oct 21 WPAFB Airmen Recreation Program event at CCSC – Kevin Price


• Christian Maurer – Private Glider (F.F. 7/18/17)

• Soren Adams – Private Glider (F.F. 7/18/2017)

• David Whapham – Private Glider (F.F. 8/15/2017)

• Tony Rein – Glider add-on (F.F. 6/6/17)

• Darin Caviness – Private Glider (F.F. 12/5/17)

• Zachary Siefker – Instructor (F.F. 10/17/17)

• Chris Uhl – Instructor ( F.F. 8/22/17)

• Tom O’Berg-Reinstated Glider Flight Instructor (F.F. 8/8/17)

At the Awards Celebration and in the previous Frequent Flyer four of these new ratings from 2017 were inadvertently omitted. Our apologies to those four and congratulations to all of these who achieved new glider pilot ratings in 2017. (The issues of the Frequent Flyer in which each new rating was reported are noted in the parentheses.)


Wet… Wet… WET! We’ve never seen the field this wet before. We figured that there is a layer of frozen soil preventing the east west drainage on the north side from removing the water. Henry (right), fearless golf cart driver, and I (left) checked out the field and drove around the pond.

The two concrete drains were flowing from the pond. Henry thought that maybe the pond overflow pipe might be plugged a little but water was flowing out.

Ethan Saladin (l.) and Larry Kirkbride (r.) installed the head rests and center back cushion for the Grob 103.
Staring out of the clubhouse through the rain we noticed the wind sock was on the ground, so there was no flying Saturday.



I received a phone message from tow pilot Tim Morris on Saturday, 2/24/18, at 2230 hrs: “Just checked my pilot’s license and discovered I am not qualified to fly sea planes, therefore I will not be able to tow for you tomorrow.” After receiving the above call I phoned Chuck Lohre (4th Sat Crew Chief) to get his assessment of the field conditions: “It’s a swamp.” It turned out to be quite wet and soft, but the drainage pipes were flowing at 100% capacity and “the pond should be back to nominal levels by tomorrow” per John Lubon. “All we need is a couple of days of sun and some wind and the field will be good to go,” also per John Lubon our own weather guesser and optimist. Consequently, there was no flight activity, but the Mighty Fourth Sunday Crew did a considerable amount of work. We managed to get the Kobota into the shop for it’s annual inspection by Marty Hosta as well as getting 15H back from the upholstery shop with it’s new interior panels (thanks to Bob Miller and Dan Reagan.) The heaters are turned on in the shop to warm up the fabric and materials so we can apply the final two coats of silver in preparation for applying the color this coming Wednesday. We should have 15H finished with fabric work and out of the shop in three weeks or so, but can move it out sooner if the G102 needs to get started on it’s annual. – Steve Statkus


Tyler Dockum got his initial flight training at CCSC starting with Youth Camp. That helped him win an appointment to the Air Force Academy and gave him a good foundation on which to build his piloting skills. Tyler has maintained his membership in CCSC in order to be able to fly gliders on his visits home from the Academy.

At the Academy Tyler has been preparing to fly some very powerful aircraft.

Congratulations Tyler.


In prior issues the requirements for the Silver Badge have been introduced. This time let’s look more closely at the Silver Distance Requirement. A great way to prepare for this flight is to practice flying the triangle with CCSC, Warren County (I68) and Dayton-Wright Brothers (MGY) as the turn points. The total distance around that triangle is very close to the 50 kilometers required for the “Distance” portion of the Silver Badge. A big difference is that for the Silver Badge the 50 kilometers must be a straight line distance. So pull out your sectional chart and look for an airport that is at least 50 kilometers away from CCSC. How about Fayette County (I23)? It is a little over 50 km away and if you stay to the north of the Wilmington Class D airspace there are airports which might work as alternates in case the lift disappears.

Now let’s check the fine print: “…a loss of height exceeding 1% of the length of the course will invalidate the soaring performance.” This rule is to prevent you from taking a tow to a high altitude and just gliding down to the finish without ever having to find a thermal. When you do the math you will calculate that you must pull the release below 1,640 AGL for a 50km flight to an airport at exactly the same elevation as the take-off airport. For the CCSC to Fayette County example the actual straight line distance is 58 km if you release directly over CCSC. The field elevation at I23 is 980 MSL. In this case you will have a valid Silver Badge Flight if you release directly above CCSC at 1900 feet above I23, which is 2880 MSL or 1940 feet over CCSC. That could work if you find a thermal when you get to the spillway. Remember to leave a little margin for instrument error either in your altimeter or the Flight Recorder you are using to document the flight. When you talk with some who have completed this requirement in the past you will find that many have chosen to be towed west and either release over Warren County (I68) or release and then fly to Warren County as the starting point and then fly to Fayette County. That makes it a 74 km flight and permits you to release at any altitude up to 3280 MSL so you can have plenty of time to find the first thermal.

There are at least four ways to complete the Silver Distance Task: (1) Straight Out: fly to and land at an airport more than 50 km away as described in the preceding paragraph; (2) Finish Point: You

launch at CCSC and fly to a declared point more than 50 km away (your finish point) and then return and land at CCSC; (3) Start Point, Finish Point at Launching Airport: Fly to a declared start point more than 50 km away and then fly back to land at CCSC; (4) Start Point, Finish Point: Fly to a declared start point (I68), then to a declared finish point (I23) more than 50 km from the declared start point, then land wherever you please, back at CCSC if you can make it, at Fayette County if you want or anyplace else you choose to go if the soaring is so great you do not want to stop.

Notice the key word “declared” in options 2,3 and 4. That means that you have to write down and provide to your official observer in advance the location of the Finish Point and/or Start Point and you have to complete the flight that you declared in advance.

This is the point at which you may want to buy or borrow a copy of Bob Wander’s Badge Soaring: The Silver Badge … Made Easy and become familiar with all the details to assure that your flight fulfills all the requirements for the Silver Badge. Next time we will consider how you are going to prove to the Official Observer and the badge committee that you really did complete the requirements.



In addition to a valid Airworthiness Certificate, what documents or records must be aboard an aircraft during flight?

a) Aircraft engine and airframe logbooks, and owner’s manual. b) Radio operator’s permit, and repair and alteration forms. c) Operating limitations and Registration Certificate.

See the SSF Study Guide for a practice test with all the questions.


The board approved treating the Grob-102 in the same manner as for the past three years, so if you want to take best advantage of BG in 2018 you want to declare that desire and sign up. Everyone who wants to fly BG is asked sign up and prepay $90. For the rest of the year those members may fly up to 2-hour blocks as many times as they want with no additional Aircraft Use Fee. Other members will be charged $25 for each Aircraft Use and will be limited to 1-hour blocks. The Hook-up Fee, Basic Tow Fee and Altitude Index Fee will follow the Schedule of Fees and Dues for all pilots, only the Aircraft Use Fee and the flight duration limit are different.

This will be a big help if your goal is the C badge (solo flight exceeding 60 minutes) or Bronze badge (at least 10 flights in a single-place glider with at least two flights having a duration of two hours or more) or the silver badge. If you want to fly the G-102 more than four times or for flights lasting more than an hour with no additional Aircraft Use Fee in 2018 it is to your advantage to declare that desire by email to Jim Dudley. The $90 G-102 Fee will appear on your March statement, payable by March 31.



The eleven directors of SSD dba CCSC are elected for three-year terms which are staggered so we need to elect three or four each year at the Annual Meeting on the second Wednesday of April (4/11/2018). This year the terms in office for John Lubon, Tim Christman and Brian Stoops expire, so we need to elect three directors for three-year terms to fill those posiitons. In addition, Steve Statkus has resigned from his position as director so we need to elect one director to finish out the two remaining years of Steve’s term. Brian Stoops has a new job which requires him to work weekends so Brian will not run for reelection as a director. John Lubon and Tim Christman have each agreed to serve an additional 3-year term if reelected, but that still leaves two positions which must be filled by other members. If you would consider contributing your leaership skills to serving the club in this way, please contact John Lubon or any other member of the board and John will add your name to the list of candidates.

There are additional appointed leadership positions which are currently vacant where your skills and interests may match the club needs. Speak with any of the current directors and indicate your willingness to serve.


In order to keep our club looking pristine spring is a good time to rid our members of cabin fever by getting us outdoors to participate in the annual CCSC spring clean up. As a club member your participation in these biannual events is necessary therefore we will be having this years clean up and beautification over a weekend to accommodate working schedules. There is much needed support to accomplish these tasks so please come out for some fun in sun and maybe get your hands dirty. Lunch and entertainment will be provided. – Keith Kilpatrick


Ladies and gents, I’m entering my 1-26 in the 2018 1-26 championship, but as a team glider. Not a traditional 2 person team but as a multiple pilot team. I’m looking for a minimum of 5 pilots to join TEAM CCSC. We already have a Team Manager and Spiritual Guru; OutLand Bob Root has agreed to provide coaching, leadership, and spiritual guidance to the team. He’s also charged with keeping the beer cooler filled. I’ll cover the entry fee you’ll just pay tow fees to 2 K AGL at the normal club rate. We’ve planned for ten contest days and two practice days so I’d expect each pilot to be ready to fly for two days and retrieve crew for two days. Really we won’t fly 10 days due to weather and pilot fatigue but we’ll accommodate your schedule.

I’ll have my glider ready in March and I’d like each pilot to take a couple of flights to get familiar with the bird and the instrumentation. I’d like each pilot to demonstrate a short field landing also. You don’t have to have 1-26 time in your log book. This Team CCSC is about having FUN and if we come in last lets just get some distance points for bragging rights. ZERO PRESSURE, FUN METER PEGGED AT MAX. – Steve Statkus call sign Buckeye


Remember that CCSC has a requirement that each member complete a CCSC Field Flight Review with a CCSC instructor and get the instructor’s endorsement in his/her logbook each calendar year prior to acting as PIC of any CCSC glider (UOP 4.2-Pilot Qualifications). Your first CCSC glider flight of the year must be with an instructor. Take advantage of the good winter days ahead to get the requirement completed well in advance of the great spring soaring that is sure to follow. You will want to spend your time soaring then, not waiting for your turn to do the Flight Review. Also, check your logbook. Do you need to complete the FAR 61.56 Flight Review this year? If so, why not combine the two flight reviews and get both completed when they will not interfere with the soaring you want to do during the great weather later this year.


A new review and comment period is under way for a change to the January 2018 version of the UOP such that section 8.11 will be worded as proposed and approved by the Board at the December meeting:
The runway is primarily for flying sailplanes. Alternate use for such activities as model airplane flying, etc. is permitted only when sailplane operations are not in progress. Sailplane flying ALWAYS preempts any other activity.
Hunting or discharging firearms (target practice) on the gliderport property is not permitted.
Use of fireworks is not permitted.
Your written comments are welcome. Please submit them to any board member prior to the March 3, 2018 meeting of the Board.


A web-based process for facilitating swapping crew day assignments was announced in the 2/21/2017 Frequent Flyer along with instructions for using the system. This process is intended to help members find another member who will agree to swap crew duties for one specific set of dates. It is not for getting reassigned to a different crew for an indefinite period. Mark Miller is now the person who oversees crew assignments, so Mark is the one to whom you need to speak about a long term change.

Remember that UOP 2.2 CREW MEMBER DUTIES states: “All crew members are to report for duty at 9:30 AM and work until released by the Crew Chief. Each crew member is personally responsible for arranging for a qualified substitute in case of his or her absence. Scheduled crew members are expected to be present for each of their scheduled crew days regardless of flying conditions.” This new process does not relieve any crew member from the responsibility for arranging for a qualified substitute and informing the crew chief; rather it is intended to help accomplish that task.

As of 6:00 pm on 2/13/2018 there is one request for a member to swap or substitute a crew day.
Date: 1st Saturday in July 07-07-2018
Skills: Crew
Click Here: Sub/Swap


He is providing a drop off service right here at CCSC. If you need your parachute repacked, just leave it in the CCSC office and fill out one of the service cards and attach it to your rig.
Contact Jonny
Phone: 937-267-1733
Email: skydivesports@nullgmail.com
https: //www.facebook.com/skydivesports/


Open trailer Schweizer, Gehrlein or equivalent. Any condition. Contact: Guy Byars


ASW 20L $29,000 (Factory L model sold with both 16.59 M wing extensions and M&H winglets) TT 1108 hrs. Komet trailer, Modified Cobra wing tip wheel, tow out bar. Excellent canopy, newer gas spring, older gelcoat. Cambridge L nav, Colibri flight recorder, Dittle ATR720B (old but works good) with new boom mic, Avier with LK-8000. Logs since new. Contact Tony Bonser tbonser@nullcinci.rr.com

Craftsman Snow Blower 22″, Self-propelled, 2-stage, Electric start. $195. Contact Tim Christman (937)475-1445

Schweizer SGS 1-23, S/N 14, MFG Date May1950, includes open trailer. Has won vintage sailplane awards. Contact Thomas G. Bonser.


Note: See Membership Roster on website for contact information for all members.
CCSC IS ON FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/CaesarCreekSoaringClub
CCSC WEBSITE www.soarccsc.com
MINUTES FROM BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETINGS https://www.soarccsc.com/resources/members/meetingminutes/ (The password is printed on your monthly statement.)


CC: Steve Fenstermaker (cell: 937-581-7713) Tow Pilots: John Armor, CR Gillespie. Instructors: Paul McClaskey, Tom McDonald. Crew: Gerry Daugherty, Mark Hanlon, Joe Jaap, Kevin Price, Dan Beans, Jul Alvarez, D. Mattmuller, B. Sanbongi, A. Quinn, Michael Zengel, Waseem Jamali.

1ST SUNDAY – Training Crew
CC: Mike Karraker (cell: 937-830-0627) ACC: Mark Miller. Tow Pilots: Manfred Maurer, Norb Maurer, Dieter Schmidt, Andy Swanson. Instructors: Bob Miller. Crew: Don Burns, Bill Clawson, Christian Maurer, Ethan Maxwell, Eran Moscona, Dave Rawson, Joe Zeis..

CC: Dick Holzwarth (cell: 937-542-9612) ACC: Jim Marks, Bob Root. Tow Pilots: Haskell Simpkins. Instructors: Bob Anderson, Bill Gabbard, Jim Price. Crew: Bill Hall, Ron Kellerman, Brian Mork, Chloe Williams, Michael Williams.

CC: Dave Menchen (cell: 513-313-2315) ACC: Lucy Anne McKosky. Tow Pilots: Lorrie Penner, Gordon Penner, Instructors: Jim Goebel, Tom McDonald, Tom Rudolf. Crew: Dave Conrad, Fred Hawk, Dan Katuzienski, Mike McKosky.

CC: Maury Drummey (cell: 513-871-1998) ACC: Rolf Hegele. Tow Pilots: Don Green, Steve McManus, Dick Scheper.

CC: Mark Miller (acting) (cell: 513-235-6128) ACC: TBD Tow Pilots: Tony Bonser, Tim Christman. Instructors: Dick Eckels, Crew: Darin Caviness, Otis Lewis, Dan Miner, Tony Rein, Zach Siefker, David Whapham,

CC: Chuck Lohre (cell: 513-260-9025) ACC: Ethan Saladin. Tow Pilots: Guy Byars, Larry Kirkbride. Instructors: John Atkins, Joe Jackson. Crew: Edgar Byars, Ross Bales, Andrew Dignan, Helen Lohre, Henry Meyerrose, John Murray.

CC: Steve Statkus (cell: 513-720-8955) ACC: TBD Tow Pilots: Ron Blume, Matt Davis, Tim Morris. Instructors: John Lubon, Kat McManus. Crew: Lynn Alexander, Bill Barone, Mauricio Berrizbeitia, Richard Cedar, Shelby Estell, Jeff Grawe, M. Hosta, Keith Kilpatrick, Dan Reagan, Pete Schradin, Stefano Sinigaglia, Laviniu Tirca John Williams. 2018

Mar 31– 4th Sat Crew
Apr 29 – 4th Sun Crew
Jun 30 – 1st Sat Crew
Jul 29 – 1st Sun Crew
Sep 29 – 2nd Sat Crew
Sep 30 – 2nd Sun Crew
Dec 29 – 3rd Sat
Dec 30 – 3rd Sun POINTS OF CONTACT:

DIR OF OPS: Mark Miller
DIR OF FACILITIES: Keith Kilpatrick
BUSINESS MANAGER: Jon Stewart, BusinessManager@nullsoarccsc.com
FREQUENT FLYER EDITOR: Jim Dudley, FrequentFlyer@nullsoarccsc.com Note: See Membership Roster on soarccsc.com for phone numbers and email addresses for all members. Revised 01/04/2018 mkm

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