Cross Country Camp Aug. 9-13, 2021

Guests from as far away as Tennesse, Washington State, and New York will come to Caesar Creek Soaring Club’s airport at 5375 Elbon Road, Waynesville, Ohio 45068 for the 2021 Cross Country Soaring Camp.

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Sailplane cross country flights with high performance gliders is an exciting and challenging way to fly. This will be an OLC (Online Contest) contest, each day a different course is chosen by the guest pilots and the scoring program will choose the best 2.5 hour segment for scoring. Depending on the weather conditions maximum distance race around the course within a typical two and one half hour period might be 150 miles. Contestants will fly as far away as Columbus, north of Dayton and nearly to Indianapolis. The daily course stays at least 30 miles away from the Northern Kentucky, Greater Cincinnati airport.

At the camp, experienced pilots will take a small group of gliders out on course. Typical groups may include medium performance gliders like ASW 15, LS 4, Libelle, and LS 1 going to Clinton (16m), Green County (18m), Dayton Wright (16m), Lebanon (8m) and back home (8m). Another lower performance group might include 1-26, K6 or AC-4 Russia following the leader to Red Stewart airport three miles away and then on to Lebanon six miles more and then fly eight miles back to CCSC. Higher performance groups will also go out on the course of their choice and capability.

Club members will get a chance to fly in the club’s two place glass ships all day with an experienced cross country pilot.

Contact Chuck Lohre, 513-260-9025, for more information

Land’s End Embroidered CCSC Clothing Available Online

Land’s End full line of embroidered CCSC Clothing are available on their clothing line website. Go to select your garment or promotional product and then select the “APPLY LOGO(S)” box. I created the CCSC Patch for general club use. For my own personal use, I created the embroidery of my call sign “6V” and the ASW 15 planeform for the sleeves. If you would like your call sign or planeform created, send me a photo of your tail, the one-time cost is $29 each to create the embroidery programming. Most of our planeforms are on the back of our silk screened t-shirts in the club house. The sizes run large, I got my usual XL shirt and it’s too large for me. Only some of the promotional items are available one at a time for embroidery. My shirt, shown, cost $35.95, plus $8.95 for the patch and $6.95 each for the sleeves. They will also charge you tax and my shipping was $9.95. 

Embroidered patches are also available in the display case, they are $5. The design is slightly different than the Land’s End version.

Aug. 3 CCSC Cross Country Camp Report

Caesar Creek Soaring Club Cross Country Camp kicked off with a great presentation by John Lubon on thermaling. It’s available on the Google Drive for the camp

We aren’t flying the two place glass ships today but the four Juniors are working on their first solos and other efforts today. Thanks to the SSA Junior program for their educational grants.

2019 Standard and Sports Class Nationals

2019 Standard and Sports Class Nationals

2019 Standard and Sports Class Nationals
2019 Standard and Sports Class Nationals

What: 2019 Standard and Sports Class Nationals
When: Thursday Aug 22 until Sunday Sep 1
Where: Caesar Creek Soaring Club, 5375 Elbon Road, Waynesville, Ohio; 513-932-7627
Contest manager: Chuck Lohre, 513-260-9025,
Contest director: John Lubon, 513-543-9154,
Scorer: Guy Byars, 513-307-1484,

We expect 20 contestants. Restricted club activity will be in operation. From 9 until Noon, training flights can take place (radio required) and you must schedule the flights with Chuck Lohre. After the launch, private club ships will be able to fly (radio required). The contest practice days are Thursday and Friday. The contest starts Saturday Aug. 24 and ends on Sunday Sept. 1. To register go to the SSA racing page.

Event documents

CCSC Contest web page

Caesar Creek Soaring Club 15H - 2

N2615H Inspected and Reassembled

From Dick Scheper’s cockpit,

Following the CORN FIELD LANDING event described in the September 11, 2018, newsletter N2615H was disassembled and loaded onto the trailer for return to CCSC. It subsequently was very thoroughly inspected and all components were judged to be airworthy. So the Wednesday Crew reassembled wings to fuselage this past week. The cockpit and residual hardware were finished by the 4th Sunday crew and a final inspection performed to return N2615H to service. A key requirement for assembling a 2-33 is keeping the fuselage and each of the two wings aligned long enough to get all the fasteners secured.

Caesar Creek Soaring Club 15H
Caesar Creek Soaring Club 15H

Special thanks to Steve Statkus and Keith Kilpatrick for their design and construction of custom assembly stands and special wing root allignment tools for installing (and removing) 2-33 wings and struts. In the past it took a team of about 6 or more to struggle, twist, force, beat and curse over several hours; now 3 guys can simply lift the wings into place and insert the locking bolts. GREAT JOB!

Thank You Henry Meyerrose – 50 years of Service to Soaring

Soaring Society of America honored Henry Meyerrose with a CERTIFICATE OF APPRECIATION for 50 years of active membership in and service to Soaring Society of America. Most of that service has been at Caesar Creek Soaring Club because Henry was one of the courageous members of Soaring Society of Dayton who joined together to purchase the former dairy farm that is now our gliderport. Henry learned to fly gliders in Germany and brought his love of flying along with his expertise in woodworking and carpentry and related crafts and technologies when he immigrated to the United States. From the hard work in the early days to transform the former farm into a gliderport with a smooth grass-covered runway Henry has been involved with nearly every aspect of constructing and operating the gliderport. His craftsmanship has been applied to construction and maintenance of our buildings and grounds and his oversight of major projects has been invaluable to the club, most recently in improved drainage for our runway, siding for the old barn, siding for the farmhouse and interior maintenance and upgrading. Henry continues to serve on the Board of Directors.

Not all Henry’s time was spent working on the facilities. He was awarded his A and B Badges in 1986 and soon completed his C and Bronze badges. In 1988 Henry earned his Silver Badge.

Congratulations and thanks, Henry!

The September 11, 2018 edition of the newsletter of Caesar Creek Soaring
Club is now on the website and available for download at this link.

Jim Dudley

Soaring in Ohio

The Great Western Trip

Phase 1 – Mark Miller

In mid June Dan Reagan, Rolf Hegele and Mark Miller drove 1780 miles towing their gliders to Parowan, UT, where they flew 20 times and covered 8,541 kms of southern Utah.

Dan did about as many kms as Rolf and Mark together, but we won’t hold that against him.

July 10, 2018

There were about 30 motor gliders and 10 regular gliders at the camp. Every day we were launching about 30+ gliders with tows going off between every 2-4 motor launches. This fiberglass and carbon fiber flock would climb out over the foothills behind us and then head over the first range of mountains to get a second climb on higher ground before proceeding east or north along several mountain ridges. Here is a view of the ramp and the flock:

The views and the terrain were spectacular.

Here is a picture of the line of gliders waiting for the one tow plane while the motor gliders are taxing to the runway.

Every night one of the local restaurants would set up a buffet dinner in one of the hangars. You needed to land by 1900 if you wanted dinner and to swap lies. Soft drinks and wine were provided followed each evening by a talk by one of the camp members on some aspect of flying. Some of the longest flights in the USA and the world were flown out of Parowan by these participants.

Meanwhile John Lubon towed out to Moriarty, NM and flew four times for 3,849 kms.

Phase 2 starts 1 July when Rolf, John and Mark join up at Bernie Fullenkamp’s place next to airport in Morgan, UT for some flying in the Uinta Mountains and Dan heads to Ely, NV for some flying in the Great Basin desert area.

[Mark submitted the above Phase 1 article for publication a week ago, but the holiday precluded a newsletter on July 3. Mark is still on the road returning from the Great Western Trip, so we will have to wait for the rest of the story. However, the Online Contest website gives a little glimpse. – Editor]