Field Operations and Rules

CCSC Field Gridding and Landing Diagram
CCSC Field Gridding and Landing Diagram

Gridding — We will grid at the East end of the field unless there is substantial wind from the East, then at the West end. Try to grid before the pilots’ meeting each morning to reduce the congestion. If we grid in three rows and you are in the center row, put your wheel on the grid marker. If you are in the North row, turn your glider perpendicular and push off to the North to allow gliders into the center row. Use your tow-out equipment if you have it. We will also have tow vehicle assistance.

Re-lites – Use the South side of the runway for re-lites. Please call on 123.3 and advise “Three Two Two re-lite on Runway 27 (or 9).” We will have a couple of tow vehicles to retrieve you and get you back flying ASAP. Try to land and roll out far enough South so as not to interrupt the launch if possible.

Preferred Pattern — If possible, fly downwind legs on the South side of the field so use a left hand pattern for a landing to the West; right hand pattern for landing to the East. Note, power traffic is to stay on the North side of the field. The Contest finish direction, winds, etc. may mandate an abbreviated pattern but fly as required to be safe. Use the radio.

Wind Socks — One is on the Southwest side of the field and the other is behind the opening in the tree line on the Northeast side of the field. Wind prevails SW.

Starting — A 5 mile start cylinder will be used.

Finishing — Finishing will generally use a 1 mile cylinder centered on the GPS coordinate in front of the Crow’s Nest. Call when 4 miles out. The Gate will give winds if they are significant along with preferred landing direction. If on a PST, say the direction you are coming from. Crew cars retrieving gliders after landing, use extra caution and do not drive across the field. Cross only at either end.

Class D Airspace Frequencies:

  • Wright Patterson Air Force Base CT 126.9
    Airborne CT (Wilmington, Oh.) 119.475 (119.47 will work)

Crossing the Runway — After the launch starts, no one is to cross the runway except at the ends. Drive slowly and watch out for children, dogs, gliders etc.

Pets – Pets must be on a leash at all times.

Water – All water is hauled in, so please conserve as much as possible. All water in the Club House is potable.

We do have a well across from the front of the clubhouse. THIS IS NOT POTABLE water. Use only for washing, cleaning, and watering. Do not park in front of the cisterns or next to the well since we need to allow room for trailers turning the corner.