2023 1-26 Championships

Contest Name: 1-26 Championship & X/C Invitational
Location: 5375 Elbon Rd., Box 920, Waynesville, OH 45068
Description: The annual 1-26 Championship contest will be held at Caesar Creek Soaring Club this coming May.  First contest day is Wednesday 5/3.  We’re planning one official practice day Tuesday 5/2, but will have a tow plane available Monday 5/1.  You’re welcome to come early and fly with the usual weekend glider pilots of our club.

In addition to the usual 1-26 contest, this year we are inviting those pilots who have attended the CCSC X/C class offered the past couple of years to fly the 1-26 tasks in gliders of their choice.  They will launch after the gate is opened. (Contact us if you would like to fly in the X/C Invitational but haven’t flown in our cross country camps before. We want it to be an opportunity for new X/C pilots and those with two place ships. We’ll be flying our K21s and Grob 103.)

SSA requires $1 Mil insurance coverage. Bring proof of that active coverage and it will be checked for currency before the contestant is allowed to fly.

Dates: Practice day May 2, 2023.  Contest days May 3 – May 11.
Schedule: TBA
Fees: Deposit: $150 Entry: $400 for 1-26.  For X/C’ers Deposit: $150 Entry: $250.  Checks to “CCSC Contest,” Mail to: 535 Windings Court, Cincinnati, OH 45220. Tows are $50. Aerial retrieves are $100 per tach hour with 1/2 hr. minimum. Extra t-shirts are $25 and must be preordered by April 2.
Host Organization: Caesar Creek Soaring Club
Camp Web Site Google Drive Directory of Contest Documents
Control Point Site: TBA
Camp Managers: Steve Statkus, Phone: 513-720-8955, Email: stevestatkus@nullgmail.com

Chuck Lohre, Phone: 513-260-9025, Email: chuck@nulllohre.com

Camping RV and camping spots with electric are available for $10 per night, Camping without electric is $5 per night. 

CCSC has a camp ground with electrical hookups available (120V outlets with 2 house hold style grounded 3 prong and a RV 30 Amp 3 prong). Currently we do have some open concrete pads that could be rented out for contest if they remain open.

While at the field the camping fee covers use of our club house that has separate men’s and woman’s facilities with each side having two showers stalls. Our waste system is a leach field and as such we do not have dumping facilities. If needed a group of RV’ers can get together and arrange for a honey truck to drop by during the contest to take black water. There are also some camp grounds nearby that have black water processing available. For restroom use we encourage use our facilities.

We have potable water brought into our cistern. That is also available to fill RV tanks though we do not have potable hoses that extend into the camp ground. We keep the cistern full during contests. That can give you a source of drinking and shower water.

Registration On SSA Contest page.

2023 1-26 Championship