Tidbits from 1996

The annual banquet was held at King’s Island on January 20th, where numerous awards were given out. Otto Maurer was the instructor of the year with 153 instruction flights. George Stillwagon was the leading tow pilot (82 years young!) with 397 tows. Jim Price was awarded a trophy, hand made by Bob Root, for two great flights in 1995, one of 500K and one of 1000K.
John Murray, Jim Price and Kent Sorrell picked up and delivered a newly purchased single place Blanik L-33, which was recommended by a committee of three composed of Jim Price, Sidney Dekker and Jim Hurst. It later turned out that this glider was too fragile for tail first landings.
Pat DeNaples reported some statistics for 1995. The club made 3547 flights. of which 493 were made on Wednesday and other nonscheduled week days. – Jim Hurst (2/2016)

Some members of the hardy Wednesday crew in 1996: (left to right) Jim Hurst, Pat DeNaples, Bob Spaulding and John Antrim. (Jim Hurst provided photo.)