The Caesar Creek Soaring Club (CCSC) is one of the oldest soaring clubs in the United States and now is the largest club in the United States. We offer the best soaring in Ohio. The purpose of CCSC is to encourage the sport and art of soaring; to host the Region Six South contest and other soaring events; and to encourage people of all ages to learn to soar. The club currently has more than 200 members. It provides flight instruction, club sailplanes for members use, and introductory flights for prospective members. The members of Caesar Creek Soaring Club invite you to join us in the experience of pure flight. CCSC owns seven sailplanes and three tow planes (see Our Fleet page). CCSC is also home to more than 35 privately owned gliders. Members volunteer their time one day a month as instructors, tow pilots and ground handlers for flying on weekends and Wednesdays all year round. As a result, CCSC has some of the lowest flight costs in the country. The club has many cook outs and social events in our clubhouse facility for after-flying events. Camping sites are also available on the field. If you would like to know more about soaring, why not take an Introductory Instructional Flight! For more information click here.

Preparing to fly

A key step in each instructional flight is the pre-flight briefing which frequently takes place at the picnic tables. A big thank you to all our instructors, tow pilots, ground crew, etc. who volunteer their time and skills to enable our youth to fly at Youth Camp. Soaring club picnic

Soaring Fun

Here is a link to a video from Sat. September 5, 2020 at CCSC. Dan Beans, AKA DC Bravo Aviation, took the video and edited it. Nice work Dan! I like the intro music. Thanks to Steve Fenstermaker for posting.

Video Created During Youth Education Week

At Youth Camp 2014 Kevin Wolf, Brian Stoops and many others joined forces to create a couple of videos. Here is one for your viewing enjoyment. Kevin released another Youth Camp Video in which he has recorded a great week of fun and learning and did an excellent job incorporating many of the camp participants and activities. The enthusiasm and excitement are captured well. Watch
it at: https://vimeo.com/105810456 Caesar Creek Soaring Club / YOUTH CAMP from Kevin Wolf on Vimeo.

Please Note: We do NOT participate in the Soaring Society of America (SSA) Fly A Sailplane Today (FAST) program.