Condor Tutorials

2012 Condor Christmas Buying Guide – Scott Manley and Frank Paynter: Peripherals for enhancing the Condor flying experience

Getting started with the Condor Soaring Simulator – Frank Paynter: HowTo guide for getting started

CondorCorner-2010-04 – Scott Manley and Frank Paynter: Introducing the Soaring Magazine Condor Corner series

CondorCorner-2010-05 – Scott Manley: The Flight Instruction Problem

CondorCorner-2010-07 – Frank Paynter: Condor as a Competition Trainer

CondorCorner-2010-08 – Scott Manley: Why Glider Flight Simulation?

CondorCorner-2010-09 – Frank Paynter: Parowan, Utah in Condor and in Real Life

CondorCorner-2010-10 – Scott Manley: Optimizing the traditional flight instruction to take advantage of Condor’s unique features and capabilities

CondorCorner-2010-11 – Frank Paynter: Setting up a Task

CondorCorner-2010-12 – Scott Manley: Features, Tips & Tricks – Round 1

CondorCorner-2011-01 – Frank Paynter: Using SeeYou for Flight Analysis

CondorCorner-2011-02 – Scott Manley: Features, Tips & Tricks – Round 2

CondorCorner-2011-03 – Frank Paynter: Cross-Country Instruction using Condor

CondorCorner-2011-04 – Scott Manley: Features, Tips & Tricks – Round 3

CondorCorner-2011-05 – Frank Paynter: Scenery Download and Installation

CondorCorner-2011-06 – Scott Manley: Features, Tips & Tricks – Round 4

CondorCorner-2011-07 – Frank Paynter: Flying the Logan Scenery with B4

CondorCorner-2011-08 – Scott Manley: Frequently Asked Questions

CondorCorner-2011-09 – Frank Paynter: XC Mentoring Using Condor

CondorCorner-2011-10 – Scott Manley: Glider Flight Instruction at a Distance

CondorCorner-2011-11 – Frank Paynter: Setting up an external PDA (Oudie)

CondorCorner-2011-11 – Frank Paynter: Setting up an external PDA (TungsenT/SoarPilot)

CondorCorner-2011-12 – Scott Manley: Attaining / Regaining / Maintaining your Proficiency

CondorCorner-2012-01 – Frank Paynter: Condor Online Contests

CondorCorner-2012-02 – Scott Manley: Simulation-based Flight Instruction at Clubs and Commercial Operations

CondorCorner-2012-03 – Frank Paynter: In-person Condor Regional, Ionia, MI

CondorCorner-2012-04 – Scott Manley: Using Glider Flight Simulation to Promote the Sport of Soaring

CondorCorner-2012-05 – Frank Paynter: Results of 2011-12 XC Mentoring Program

CondorCorner-2012-06 – Scott Manley: The Winter Crop

CondorCorner-2012-07 – Frank Paynter: Review of the NaturalPoint TrackIR5 Head-tracking System

CondorCorner-2012-08 – Scott Manley: Potpourri

CondorCorner-2012-09 – Frank Paynter: Cross-Country Training Program Syllabus

CondorCorner-2012-10 – Scott Manley: Oshkosh – KidVenture 2012

CondorCorner-2012-11 – Frank Paynter: Dan Sazhin and Tim Gardner

CondorCorner-2012-12 – Scott Manley & Frank Paynter: Condor Christmas Buying Guide

CondorCorner-2013-01 – Scott Manley: Condor for Winch Training

CondorCorner-2013-02 – Frank Paynter: Team Flying with BZ

CondorCorner-2013-03 – Scott Manley: Potpourri – II (more on ‘winter crop’, glider private license practical test prep, RC aircraft simulation, CFIG training, CFIG-Ground, web site, etc)

CondorCorner-2013-04 – Frank Paynter: 2012-2013 Winter XC Training Program

CondorCorner-2013-05 – Scott Manley: Teaching Yourself to Fly Gliders

CondorCorner-2013-06 – Frank Paynter: Australian Team Preps for the Worlds using Condor

CondorCorner-2013-07 – Scott Manley: Condor Flight School & Scenario-based Training

CondorCorner-2013-08 – Frank Paynter: Condor Save – How to Learn From Your Own Fatal Mistakes

CondorCorner-2013-09 – Scott Manley: More Simulation-based Options for the Self-Directed Glider Rating

CondorCorner-2013-10 – Frank Paynter: Condor Scenery Development

CondorCorner-2013-11 – Scott Manley: KidVenture 2013 & My Condor Story

CondorCorner-2013-12 – Frank Paynter: Condor XC Training Syllabus Redux

CondorTipsCumulus Soaring: A copy of Paul Remde’s excellent ‘Tips and Tricks’ document

Condor Manual – The Condor Soaring Simulator User’s Manual (a bit outdated now, but still good info!)