Text Notification about CCSC Operations

To start receiving text message flying condition reports pick up the mobile phone or other device on which you desire to receive the reports and:

  • Enter 81010 in the To: field for a new text message and @gliderclub in the message field. Then click send.
  • Promptly thereafter you should receive a confirmation text saying: “Remind: Please reply with your full name to join Caesar Creek Soaring…”
  • Enter your name and then send that text.
  • Promptly there will be another incoming text: “Remind: Thanks [Your Name] Quick question: are you a student, parent, or teacher? Reply S, P, or T.”
  • You should enter S and send that response. [This system was designed for and is widely used by schools. It was the application of choice for CCSC because it is free and already familiar to some of our members. So, to receive the condition reports you are an “S”.]
  • Your next incoming message will say: “You’ve joined Caesar Creek Soaring Club! Next, download the Remind app to see the 1 message you missed:” followed by a link “Tap to Load Preview”. You will not need the app if all you want to do is receive the condition reports, but the rmd.me app offers additional features which you may find useful.

If you ever decide that you want to stop receiving the condition reports all that is required for you to unsubscribe is for you to text @LEAVE in response to an incoming message.

Sign up now and avoid that useless trip or that missed opportunity on those questionable days.