Cross Country Challenge

Do you have a glider? Do you have a logger? Do you have the itch to fly beyond the gliderport? Then come on out and play with us.

Rolladen Schneider LS4 at CCSC Launch LineCCSC has an ongoing soaring challenge to members of the Caesar Creek Soaring Club called Proving Grounds. This isn’t a race, it is a continuing training effort to gather Cross Country experience which emphasizes distance and safety. It can be a contest if you want to log your speed. To make things as simple as possible, the rules and format are minimized. You can fly whenever you want. You can fly any of the three Proving Ground tasks you want to fly. And you can fly as many tasks as you want. Record your flight with a logger (preferred) or at least with a GPS that will produce a IGC log. Your distance flown will be handicapped according to your glider, and you will be given a score for that flight.  Your objective is to fly all the tasks.

First and foremost we want to have fun and be safe. If a better objective than that is wanted, well, it is to encourage us to stretch our wings a little, try to get better at cross country flying. 

The rules are quite easy and flexible and can be found on the task sheets on the Proving Grounds board. All turnpoints can be found in the Turnpoint Exchange . We have set a maximum start altitude of 5000 feet MSL with a minimum finish height of 2000 feet MSL. All start/finish  and turnpoint cylinders are 2 kilometers and we recommend you fly Task 1 in a clockwise manner while the other tasks can be flown in either direction.

Scoring will be done in two parts. Send your IGC file to and you will get a very quick response as to task completion and a handicapped score. We also recommend that you submit your IGC file to the Online Contest (OLC) ( so you can better analyze your overall flight. The online contest will score, record, and post ANY flight log that it receives from a registered member. Records are kept on a daily basis, by member, by club, by nation, or by region.

To try this out, just be sure to register as a member of the CCSC club. Then upload the log of your flight. Go to the Club Scoring page and then look up Caesar Creek Soaring Club. ANY software that can produce a valid igc file will work. That means virtually EVERYONE flying a glider out of CCSC can participate, even just using a smart phone.

Now, come out and play with us!