Introductory Flights

In order to encourage the exploration and growth of soaring flight, CCSC makes introductory instructional flights available to anyone who may be interested in becoming a member. If you are interested in experiencing soaring or know someone who is, we welcome you. You can join a us at our field located at 5385 Elbon Road, Waynesville OH 45068-0918.

ASK-21 in the clouds

Gift Certificates are available. $100 for an Introductory Instructional Flight with a tow to 3000 feet; and $150 for a Mile High Introductory Instructional Flight with a tow to 5280 feet.
(Note that prices subject to change without notice)

You may purchase a Gift Certificate at the club any Saturday, Sunday or Wednesday or Online using the following LINK.  This link allows you to pay vis PayPal, Debit Card, Credit Card, or Venmo.

Should you have any questions, please contact our general phone at 513-932-7627 and leave a voice mail or email

Please Note: CCSC only accepts our own Gift Certificates. We do NOT participate in the Soaring Society of America (SSA) Fly A Sailplane Today (FAST) program.

There are three types of two-place sailplanes available for your introductory ride and you can check out Our Fleet page to see the sailplanes. Which type of sailplane you get for your introductory flight can be determined by availability and are allocated at the discretion of the Crew Chief. The person taking the introductory flight cannot weigh more than 242 pounds and will be required to sign the Limited Membership Application. If that individual is a minor, they will also be required to obtain a parental signature or equivalent.

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A Little Taste of Soaring in a Contest
by club member Chuck Lohre