2021 Cross Country Soaring Camp

Camp Information

Contest Name: 2021 Cross Country Soaring Camp
Contest Location: 5375 Elbon Rd., Box 920, Waynesville, OH 45068
Description: Sailplane cross country flights with high performance gliders is an exciting and challenging way to fly. This will be an OLC (Online Contest) contest, each day a different course is chosen by the guest pilots and the scoring program will choose the best 2.5 hour segment for scoring. Depending on the weather conditions maximum distance race around the course within a typical two and one half hour period might be 150 miles. Contestants will fly as far away as Columbus, north of Dayton and nearly to Indianapolis. The daily course stays at least 30 miles away from the Northern Kentucky, Greater Cincinnati airport.

At the camp, experienced pilots will take a small group of gliders out on course. Typical groups may include medium performance gliders like ASW 15, LS 4, Libelle, and LS 1 going to Clinton, Green County, Dayton Wright, Lebanon and back home. Another lower performance group might include 1-26, K6 or AC-4 Russia following the leader to Red Stewart airport three miles away and then on to Lebanon six miles more and then fly eight miles back to CCSC.

Dates: 8/9/2021 – 8/13/2021
Schedule: Monday Aug. 9, 2021
– 10 am Pilot’s meeting
– 10:30 am educational session on thermaling
– Field open for flying

Tuesday Aug. 10, 2021
– 10 am Pilot’s meeting
-10:30 am educational session on decision making
– Field open for flying

Wednesday Aug. 11, 2021
– 10 am Pilot’s meeting
– 10:30 am educational session about achieving your Silver Badge
– Field open for flying

Thursday Aug. 12, 2021
– 10 am Pilot’s meeting
– 10:30 am educational session about landouts
– Field open for flying

Friday Aug. 13, 2021
– 10 am Pilot’s meeting
– 10:30 am educational session glider & trailer maintenance
– Field open for flying

Fees: $200, ($100 Deposit required to guarantee attendance). Make checks out to “CCSC Contest” and mail to Chuck Lohre, 535 Windings Court, Cincinnati, OH 45220. Tows are $50. Aerial retrieves are $100 per tach hour with 1/2 hr. minimum.
Host Organization: Caesar Creek Soaring Club
Contest Web Site Google Drive folder with all guests, volunteers, schedules, volunteer assignments and documentation https://tinyurl.com/ccsc2021
Control Point Site: 2019 Standard and Sports Class Nationals Control Point Information

Graphical Laminated Map

Camp Managers: Chuck Lohre, Phone: 513-260-9025, Email: chuck@nulllohre.com
Camping  30 Amp RV spots are available for $10 per night, Camping with 15 Amp service is $5 per night
Registration Contact Chuck Lohre to register and reserve RV, Camping spots 513-260-9025, chuck@nulllohre.com